GeoUniq is a location tech and data company.

We build cutting-edge location analytics tech to collect and turn the finest-quality location data into valuable information for the market.


In a nutshell

From data gathering to insights extraction, leveraging unique tracking and analytics tech
Powered by Jakala’s 20 years expertise in location analytics.


1. Data sourcing

Via our SDK, from partner mobile apps
up to 100 relevant positions per day
Via trusted data suppliers
handpicked  location data suppliers, per  quality and respect for privacy

2. Data cleansing

of non-unique positions coming from external data sources
Identification and deletion of false positions 
Consolidation per device
 from divergent data-sources

3. Insights extraction

Identifications of Visits
at different granularity levels:  building, city area, city and country
Identification of Journeys
from Building2Building,  to Country2Country level
User profile
Home / Work location, Positions of Interest, and Geo-demographics


Our products suite

Some examples of products and services built on top of our location data and tech



Audience Builder
Target mobile devices based on visited locations and geo-demographics
DMP enrichment
Add a location-layer to your DMP via visit-based audiences and geo-demographics


Retail Pulse
Drive and measure your strategic decisions based on competitive insights on customer off-line behavior
Leverage our Location-tech stack and our CDI (Customer Data Infrastructure) to polish your own raw location data and turn it into valuable insights


CRM enrichment
Add geo-demographics and visit-based attributes to your CRM
Activation via Push
Reach at your customers when it’s most relevant based on their real-time position or activity

Test our Location engine thanks to our iOS and Android demo apps