General questions

Why do we exist?

GeoUniq is a geolocation service for mobile apps, which allows to easily and quickly integrate battery-sparing and always-on geolocation functions into any mobile app.

GeoUniq includes both basic functions (e.g. retrieve the position of one of your users, discover which of your users are in a given area) and complex ones (e.g. density-maps, geofencing with push notifications, user-to-user proximity).

Who needs GeoUniq?

GeoUniq is the perfect solution for integrating geolocation in a few steps. Whether you are a developer, a product manager or a technology decision maker, GeoUniq will boost your productivity and increase your security.

Everybody can easily integrate our SDK into an app and then receive our server-side functionality, dramatically reducing development time and costs.

Our support team (Twitter account @GeoUniq) will be at your disposal for any questions or problems.

How do we make money?

We analyze the aggregated data of our clients to provide insights about specific places, and we sell this analysis to municipalities and organizations who work with out of home advertising.

We will never sell data about individual users.



How do I start using GeoUniq?

First of all, contact us via mail (start@geouniq.com) or reach out to our Twitter account (@GeoUniq).

In order to provide the best support, we prefer to deal on a case by case basis, so let’s have a discussion first to work out the best way of working together.

How long will it take to integrate GeoUniq into my apps?

Although it took us several months to conceive and build our unique functionality, integration will take less than 30 minutes for both iOS and Android.

And, of course, we will be on hand to help at all times.


Working principle

What are the main benefits?


Powering your app with a strong and efficient location-awareness has never been so easy. Importing our SDK is practically all you have to do. Focus on the other features. Geolocation is no longer your problem. And this is for free!


By using GeoUniq, you’ll be able to know the position of your client devices at any moment, regardless of whether your app is active or not, with minimum impact on battery consumption, for example, our optimized algorithms allow to tracking a devices’ positions to within 500 meters of spatial granularity with an impact of less than 1% on battery consumption.

We can reach granularity up to 20 m. Don’t waste your time on developing complex geolocation functionalities into your app. Simply use GeoUniq and focus on your core business.

Cloud-based management of geolocation data

GeoUniq manages geolocation data on your behalf. You will no longer need to store, secure, and process geolocation data on your backend.

Simply access the position of your users and perform complex geospatial queries at any time through our REST API. You can configure geo-fences to send notifications to the user device or receive notifications on your backend. GeoUniq will let you know when two users get close to each-other or a user enters a pre- determined area, and you’ll be able to take the right action according to your own processing.

GeoUniq manages geolocation, you do the rest.

How does GeoUniq achieve high precision with reduced battery consumption?

Amongst other things, we rely mainly on two approaches:

a. Our (patent pending) solution aggregates data from several sources. This means that you can leverage not only the positions collected by your app, but also others’ (unless explicitly opting out of this option).

b. Our algorithms behave as “good citizens” within the device’s app ecosystem: GeoUniq is able to identify when the position needs to be detected and communicated to the backend, and leverages the OS background detection, reducing the interactions with all other geolocation activities of the device.


What happens to data?

What happens to Geolocation data?

They are stored in an anonymized and secure fashion.

We never store the personal data of users, nor do we try to deduce personal information. We just do not need it.

We process and organize data so to be able to answer your queries with the minimum delay.

Is GeoUniq secure?

Oh yes! We adopt top-notch security. You just don’t need to worry about your data security. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us. You will not need to focus on securing your geolocation data (as required by regulation on data protection).

Is GeoUniq safe from a privacy perspective?

It is! We do not store any personal information of users. We don’t need it. Please read our privacy policy.

Do I still own and have access to my data?

Absolutely. You are still owner of data collected by your application through the GeoUniq SDK and can access and download a full copy at any moment.