Build a new revenue stream, ads-free



Our affiliate program allows handpicked mobile apps to build a new revenue stream, ads-free.



How it works




Add our SDK into your app.

It only takes 20 minutes.



The SDK collects data in the background.

100% GDPR compliant approach!



Get paid each month based on the data delivered.

No impact on customers UX.


Key benefits


No impact on UI

Free your app from ads decreasing the risk of low ratings or bad reviews


Around 1% on an a average daily use

100% GDPR Compliant

Privacy by design and privacy by default are our guiding principles 

Monetize occasionals

Regardless of usage and session duration




1. Is your SDK available for iOS and Android?
Yes, it available for both operating systems.

2. Which permissions are needed?
Access to Fine Location and Wifi | iOS: Background location

3. How big is Geouniq SDK?
Size: <1MB for Android 14MB for iOS.

4. What countries’ data does Geouniq pay for?
We pay for users in Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

5. How do you calculate the earning?
You can calculate your revenue as the result of the multiplication of monthly average Daily Active Users (Users who have sent at least one position on each day of a given month, divided by the number of days) and the CPM, which will be negotiated after a 2 months trial (remunerated) based on several parameters.

6. What Geouniq use the data for?
We use the data we collect through our SDK to understand how people behave in the real-world. Our core business is to provide flow and audiences analysis to several industries in the form of anonymous business intelligence reports. We may also use the data for ad targeting reasons.

7. How to be compliant with GDPR?
The key pillar of GDPR is transparency, therefore in order to be compliant apps need to ask explicit consent to collect and share location data to their users ( for a quick and simple implementation, a consent flow is available in our SDK documentation) and the privacy policy has to inform the user about what data is collected, how the data is being used and how to opt-out. Geouniq always supports his partners in this process.

8. Can we keep the classical ad networks along with Geouniq?
Yes, GeoUniq represents an additional revenue on top of your usual monetization

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